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Barefoot Dance of the Sea

Featuring Bec & Beth, who used to be part of the Hot Puppies and Sophie, the band have been making a name for themselves during 2010 and are about to release their debut single alongside Evening Chorus on Bubblewrap Records. As we are incapable of resisting glorious harmonies, beautifully sung we thought now would be a good time to introduce you to Barefoot Dance of the Sea.

What has influenced and inspired your music?

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Gillian Welch.... and being around other songwriters and musicians and generally a love for music and the feeling of playing and singing.

Your debut single is a joint venture with Evening Chorus. How did that come about and what was the recording process like?

We met after playing on the same bill a few times and both admired each other's music. Recording was great fun, always good to come together with like-minded people and create something new. They really added something good to our sound, it was wonderful to hear our song with a bit more instrumentation as we tend to concentrate on vocals, and have the bare minimum to back us up.

The single is being released through Bubblewrap Records. What is it you like about the label?

A great attitude to releasing music, and run by the nicest people you could meet - and they have a brilliant eye for design, we love the artwork for the single. We'll also be releasing an EP with them in May, 'Til Voices Wake Us'.

The song is called "531 miles from Aberdeen to Cardiff" What's the story behind the subject matter?

It's about a very long van journey we once had when touring with The Hot Puppies.... and possibly things that happened in our lives after that journey....

Rebecca and Beth used to be part of the Hot Puppies. How do Barefoot Dance of the Sea and the Hot Puppies differ musically and in outlook?

The music is pretty much acoustic and we tend to record as live. We play because we enjoy playing. It's primarily based around our friendship and love of singing harmonies and creating songs that are fun to play and sing.

You have also worked with Spencer McGarry. How was the experience of being involved with Cardiff's 21st century Brian Wilson?

Spencer is a very close friend and a very talented songwriter... he's one of the nicest people you can meet, and I feel privileged to be part of his music. Recording his album was very enjoyable, and my favourite experience was performing Episode 2 at Chapter - hour and a half of singing whilst very pregnant, dance moves and everything! Spencer was secretly hoping I'd go into labour on stage..... (I was not secretly hoping this, however, and I didn't).

One of magical things about the group is your harmonies between the voices. How have you managed to blend your voices so well and do you have any advice for other singers on how to achieve perfect harmonies?

We've known each other for a long time now and we've always sung. We're really good friends so spend lots of time hanging out, drinking tea and singing for fun. We all love experimenting with how our voices sound together. Our advice would be to enjoy singing together, practice loads but mainly have fun.....!!!

You are launching the single with an evening at the Pot Café featuring the very wonderful American singer Rebecca Pronsky. How did that connection with Rebecca come about?

It's been organised through Evening Chorus, and Bubblewrap - we're really looking forward to seeing her play!

This is your first single. Are there plans for a full length album from the band and if so what can we expect?

Hopefully we'll be recording our album in the next couple of months.. It'll be pretty much as we play live. Hoping to get a really good live sound. We'll also be having a few guest musicians..... We're all very excited about it!!

Your biog says you were brought together by a love of tea, biscuits and folk music. If push comes to shove what are the favourite tea, biscuits and folk album for each of you?

I think that was in Evening Chorus' Biog.... but I guess the same goes for us too! Our favourite teas are Rooibos; Lemon and (Fairtrade) Normal tea..... and our favourite biscuits are the ones that Beth makes (!) as for folk album.... anything by Gillian Welch, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan.... also really liked the new album by Les Shelleys...

Barefoot Dance of the Sea will be launching their joint single with Evening Chorus and special guest Rebecca Pronsky at the Pot Café, Cwrys Road, Cardiff on Wednesday 20 th April.



531 miles from Aberdeen to Cardiff
joint single with Evening Chorus (2011)


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