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Don’t Move

Don’t Move are from in and around the Coventry area and are set to be one of the highlights of the forthcoming SWN festival being held in Cardiff 22nd – 24th October. They will be appearing at the Gate on Thursday 22nd October at a night hosted by newsoundwales and gathered in song. The band are refreshing and full of promise. We caught up with Joe and asked him about the band.

Can you tell us a bit about the band history, how you were formed etc.

Mason and I  met in leamington spa  our hometown back in 2004 through a mutual friend. We've been playing together ever since. We moved to Birmingham and searched for a drummer to complete a 3 piece....5 years later we finally found the right one; Matt Rheeston from Birmingham. In that time, we'd recorded our album with label-mate Paul Curreri in Coventry and mixed it in Virginia at Paul's house. We toured with Jeffrey Lewis in May this year which was the most fun we've ever had. But just before that we found our accordion player Cederick Confuegos and he totally completed the sound.

Coventry has never been a hot bed for bands or live venues apart from perhaps the Specials and more recently the Enemy. How would you describe the music coming out of Coventry in 2009, available venues, opportunities to play etc?

We're involved in a great scene, pretty much all based around these two venues The Tin Angel and Taylor John's House. They're both owned by our manager Richard Guy. As is our label Tin Angel Records. There's a big Americana kind of scene with lots of musicians playing in many different bands and backing up singer-songwriters. There's a handful of venues and lots of pubs to play.

There are a lot of interesting influences on the record. What music and artists would you say have had most impact on the sound of the band?

We recorded the album 3 years ago, so we've moved on a bit now. But there's definitely the Byrds, Love, Scott Walker and the Beatles, smiths and a lot of bluegrass in there.

You are on Tin Angel Records. How did that come about? Is this a one off deal or will there be future release on the label from don't move? 

We went to an open mic night which was at The Tin Angel in Coventry and basically our future manager/label owner was there. He started coming to the gigs, we got on really well. He was just setting up a label at the time and releasing Devon Sproule's album and just offered to record us. We're really happy to be on the label, there's some amazing acts on there. Can't think I'd rather be on any other label on this planet. We get treated really well, it's all trust no contracts and papers and stuff. Next year we're going to record our second album. Hopefully with Peter Broderick. Hopefully in Denmark, we'll see. We're excited though, and really proud of the new stuff we're comin up with.

The album was produced by label mate Paul Curreri. His music is very different to yours so how did he impact on the sound of the record and what was his working method?

Well he was the perfect person to produce our 1st album. His music is different and he hadn't had loads of experience in production before so maybe it was something new for him too. He has an amazing ear, he added so much, harmonies, instruments and just great sounds. He totally understood what we were doing, slipped into and became a big part of it. He's said before in his shows it's the most fun he's ever had with music.

How would you describe the sound of Don't Move?

Pop music

What can we expect from your live show when you appear at SWN in Cardiff?

It being the 1st gig of our 2nd ever tour and the 1st real festival gig and our 2nd ever gig in Wales...and the opportunity to play alongside some great bands that we really love ... we can't wait. We'll have lots of energy and lots of fun.


The New Pop Sound of Don’t Move  (2009)



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