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Harry Franklin Williams

Having recently seen Harry live at the Globe we were extremely impressed by his performance and original songs and had no hesitation in making him our new artist of the month. His myspace says “he is Harry – nothing more”. But who is this Harry and why were we so impressed by his talent?

Tell us a bit about the life of Harry so far?

Well I grew up with my dad being in a cover band called the Blue Meanies so I was always around the Travelling Wilbury's and Beatles music. When I was little I used to get put to sleep behind the drums on stage and once managed to make myself a crib from hay bales and coats. My family all sing but i didn't start really singing until we got a karaoke machine and I discovered swing and genius songs like "straighten up and fly right". In the last year or so my brother and dad have created the band Toy Horses so it's just more music around me.

Who or what would you say were the main influences on your music?

I would probably say The Beatles, Elliot Smith, The Libertines and my brother because at about 11 he started buying me and my sister an album a month. I doubt I'd be a musician if he hadn't.

How would you describe your music?

I'd say and hopefully others would agree with melodic indie pop.

You already have a fine collection of original songs. How did your song writing develop? What inspires you to write songs?

First of all thanks! Well I've been surrounded by people writing and playing original music for a large portion of my life so it just seemed normal to do the same, in a way I was conforming I suppose. Personally I think inspiration is a bit of a fallacy, I find its more like sometimes you get a nice melody or a nice chord sequence and then just try to improve it and write around it.
I am guessing you are still at school/college. Do you intend pursuing music full time when you leave or do you plan to keep it as a side project/hobby?

Music is pretty much full time already, I was in college practicing music for about 6 months but when I asked if I could go with Toy Horses to Nashville and find out more about the recording section of the music industry they replied with "we'll throw you out if you go" so I quit and haven't regretted it. At the moment if I'm not writing or gigging I'm travelling with and roadying for Toy Horses and because of that I've had great experiences at SXSW, Florida music

What you prefer a record contract from a major label, releasing records yourself or a small indie label?

A small indie label but the whole concept of labels is declining due to Internet sales.

Are there any producers or artists out there that you would like to collaborate with?

My main ones at the moment would be Paul McCartney, Pete Doherty and Ida Maria.

What other local bands/singers do you like/admire?

Well first I have to say Toy Horses then probably Klezmer Collective because of their tightness and OK whose songs are great, I haven't had a chance to see them live yet though.

You seem very relaxed and at ease on stage. Does that come naturally or have you had to work at it?

It comes naturally really seeing as I've been on and around stage all my life.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

It's a flip between gigging more, writing more, travelling more, and hearing and playing more music or eating my weight in jelly dots.

The best gig I have played so far was

Shot in the dark has to be one of my favourites, brilliant audience and a great intimate atmosphere I haven't found anywhere else. Also playing Camden Barfly at 16 was rather fun.

Where can we see Harry live over the next few months?

I'm spending a lot of time in the US roadying for Toy Horses over the next couple of months so I'm using that time to write and develop more songs, then gigging again in the autumn.


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