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Wibidi burst into our lives during the summer, seemingly out of nowhere. After a Welsh tour and appearances at this year's Green Man Festival the band have just released their debut album 'Tiger Baby'. A whirlwind of energy on stage and featuring musicians with a Welsh musical pedigree to die for ; Wibidi look set to prove they are more than just a stop gap temporary project band.

Wibidi seem to have quite a wide and diverse variety of influences ranging from Bob Marley to T.Rex. How do they impact on the overall sound of the band?

I agree, well spotted ! They say we're all just an accumulation of everything and everyone we see, hear and meet along the way. This is who we are.

Butetown is important to you so in what was has it affected the sound and or attitude of the band?

I've lived in Butetown (or Tiger Bay if you prefer) all my life, it's been my whole life, so it must have affected all aspects of the sound and attitude of the whole project. But that's just my take as we have people from all over Wales in the band, and all our influences are totally different. Finding the right blends are the buzz.

The members of the band have quite a track record such as Super Furry Animals, The Peth, Acid Casuals as well as graffitti art. How did you blend together? Was it instant or have you had to work at blending things together? -

Well the chemistry was kind of instant, it's a Welsh thing ya know! As you point out, to be able to work with accomplished artists like Daf and Cian from SFA and to be able to work with a sound genius like Krissy Jenkins (a.k.a. Sir Doufus Styles) was a major learning curve, but also an honour - I relished every minute of it !! It wasn't all fun of course, we've had to work very hard, putting in many long nights perfecting the mix, Daf, Cian & Krissy have all done an amazing job recording producing & mixing the album. It's a dark art finding the right blend for the right track, but we got there in the end...with a little help from Wib of course LOL !!

You went on a Welsh tour back in the Summer. What was that like? Any memorable moments or places?

The Welsh tour was kickass good! I loved every second of it! There were a lot of memorable moments and loads of wicked wicked people. Pesda Roc in Bethesda, in memory of our dear friend and fellow musician LES MORRISON, was definitely the highlight, it was a pleasure to honour such a great an loved gentleman. The whole tour in general from from Newport to Liverpool was good! The support bands were amazing too, in particular the Tennents Supermen in Newport and the 'Ten of Spades' and 'Veterans at The Station' in Liverpool. Not forgetting Cyrrion and Pocket Trez in North Wales, and in Cardiff we had the up & coming talent that is ENBE, definitely one-to-watch. He is gonna be Cardiff's new hip hop and rap star! Last but not least I have to mention S.K.O.L. who also supported us in Cardiff. In fact they were all great & I'd like to thank them all !

Your debut album Tiger baby is out soon. Can you tell us about the recording of that and what we can expect from it?

Well, recording TIGER BABY was a massive experience & i can't wait to do it again. It was fun, crazy, emotional, soulbearing. I am singing from deep in my heart and it's really weird having people hear things you wouldn't normally want them to know, I am sharing lots of personal things from my life with everyone and it's a strange concept to get used to. You can expect an album that is a very well produced piece of work. It's fun, it's pain, it's honesty and it's very unpredictable. Ranging from jump-up beats to a jumpy rock vibe, some cool laid -back beats, and some honest storytelling, combined with great songs, written by great guys,'s GREAT ALBUM! I am very proud of it.

What are your plans for promoting the album?

We are releasing Tiger Baby through Strangetown Records and Mick Hilton from the label is managing the band. The 1st single 'what gets you home at night' (WGUHAN) is currently available as a free download from our website , and we have produced a promo' video for the single which is now on You Tube. The album will get a full digital release on Monday 31st October through i-tunes and all good music websites, and there will be more single releases from the album to follow. We are looking to get some good support slots with touring bands so we can turn on as many people as possible. We just wanna play and play. so if you leave your name & email (and a message if ya like) on our website, we'll let you know when & where we're playing.

You seem to really like playing live and put a lot of positive energy into the performance. How do you approach each gig and get the audience involved?

Every gig is like a first gig to me, so I'm always pumped before, during and after a show, I really love it.. I always vibe off the people at the gig. There vibe is what we feed off, I can't believe we're actually up there onstage sometimes. It's still all new to me! Seeing a good crowd reaction gives us all a great buzz, so obviously always I try to always relate directly to the good folk at our gigs. Of course I am blessed to have Daf Ieuan behind me on the drums, so I know I'm never gonna miss a beat. We are getting better with every show, it's really exciting times.

What can we expect from Wibidi in 2012?

We've been working in the studio on some new tracks, but really all focus is just to get out there and work the album for the near future, I'm really looking forward to taking Tiger Baby out on the road in 2012.


WGUHAN (What gets you home at night) debut single (2011)

Tiger Baby (2011)


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