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The Monochrome Set

Although the The Monochrome Set emerged out of the new wave/punk scene at the end of the 1970s their music was more rooted in experimentation and a retro style of playing and an unusual vocal delivery by front man Bid. Originally formed as the B-Sides featuring Lester Square and Adam Ant, the band subsequently re-named itself The Monochrome Set with new members Bid, John Haney, Charlie Harper and Andy Warren. Ant meanwhile moved on and formed his own band Adam & the Ants.

In the early stages of their live work the band worked closely with film maker Tony Potts who designed the lighting and stage sets and used film projections to enhance the overall visual impact of the band on stage. The first 3 singles on Rough Trade by the band " He's Frank ", " Eine Symphonie Des Grauens " and " The Monochrome Set " received a significant amount of airplay by the likes of John Peel and helped establish the band as one of the major UK alternative bands of the period.

The band released their first 2 albums on the Virgin imprint label DinDisc and later switched to Cherry Red. However, the early singles successes could not be replicated and the band eventually folded in 1985.

Following a re-union in 2008 to mark 30 years of Cherry Red the core of the band Bid, Lester Square and Andy Warren decided to form a more permanent line up for touring and recording purposes and this resulted in the release of a new studio album " Platinum Coils " due for release in 2012.

The Monochrome Set play Buffalo, Cardiff on Wednesday 11 th April. Tickets available from:


Selected Album Discography

Strange Boutique (1980)

Love Zombies (1980)

Eligible Bachelors (1982)

Platinum Coils (2012)



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