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Sion Russell Jones, Brigyn & Little Arrow at St John's Church, Canton, Cardiff on Saturday 10th November 7.30pm. Tickets available from:

Cakehole Presley

Cakehole Presley are fast becoming one of the best live bands in South Wales and with deals bubbling away are likely to see success coming their way in 2009. The various band members have worked long and hard in various different guises over the years before forming Cakehole Presley. We met up with Mark and Chris from the band at the Landsdowne pub, Canton's premier live music venue.

This is a question you have probably already been asked a thousand times and you are likely to be asked about for years to come. How did you get your name?

We were going to develop a stock answer to that question or go all quiet and refuse to answer it. The truth is it was going to be just Cakehole but it didn't sound enough so through silly conversations it just expanded into the name Cakehole Presley one night at the old Toucan club.

So you've had no contact yet from the Elvis estate yet saying how dare you use the Presley name?

Not yet! We were going to call ourselves Elvis Presley.

That would definitely have got a law suit going? You guys have been in various other groups over the years can you give us a brief run through of your history?

Mark - I was in various bands in London years ago and then played in a psychadelic rock band called POD.

Chris - I was in the Howlin Sleepers and then split off from that to form Vinny the Flies, an acoustic band.

Mark - I was playing with Andre (legendary Spanish guitarist regularly seen busking around Cardiff to this day) and met up with Chris along the way in various music venues around Cardiff and we started busking as Doofer on Mill Lane and then we started getting loads of gigs.

We wanted to get a bit more electric and we knew Ant & Al from the band Captain Paranoid got talking and formed Cakehole Presley.

How would you describe your music? - a review on iTunes said easy to listen to not easy listening.

It's difficult to describe our music. It's mostly based around songs and each member of the band will add things like Mark might add a riff but first and foremost its based around songs. There are a lot of influences in there obvious ones like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones but there's also country music and delta blues music. We've always tried to give it a Cakehole Presley twist. Other bands we like include Belle & Sebastian, the Ting Tings, Half Man Half Biscuit and we collectively like the Eels.

Chris - I sit at home and write the songs and then work with the band. Mark does write some of the songs.

Mark - I lost my muse a few years ago, but I'm sure she'll come back soon!

Who do you admire most as a songwriter?

Mark I'm a massive Bob Dylan fan.

Do you feel you fit into a niche? Do you have any bands or other artists you feel a natural affinity with?

We feel we are on our own in a way not for any particular reason just the way it is. We are connected to people like Tantrum who work with bands like Sicknote.

How do you feel the music scene in South Wales is at the moment?

In the past there seemed to be loads of small venues and loads of rhythm & blues bands around. There used to be live music at Chapter, the Poets Corner, the Four Bars (now Dempsey's) everyday of the week. Loads more smaller venues. There are some great venues now though - our favourite is the Point. It's a fantastic venue and a great place to hang around once you've finished playing - particularly backstage.

There used to be a great venue called Rajah's which was a pool hall and we ended up running their Saturday night years ago. Its kind of where Doofer were formed. It became legendary and notorious! Now that the Landsowne has its license sorted out should become a great little venue and hopefully will become a place for bands to play.

Best gig you have ever played and why?

We played the Workhouse festival this year up in north Wales that was lovely. Everything came together there and we hit it just right.

Best gig you have ever been to?

Mark - Roxy Music 1974!
Chris - Ian Dury and the Pogues at Glastonbury.

What's happening with the band as regards a deal. I gather something's happening with an American company. How did that come about and what does it involve?

We have signed a management deal with a company called Big Red Caravan and we have recorded an album at their studio in Somerset. We have also been approached to sign a publishing deal with an American company which the lawyers are working on at present.

Plans for record releases?

The album's recorded which will include some of the songs that are on iTunes and Myspace plus loads of new songs. Once all the legal side is finalised that should be released through the American company.

The next step for Cakehole Presley is....

Get the album out next year and do loads of festivals.

Where can we see Cakehole Presley in the next few months?

We have a few local gigs coming up:

. 30th October an industry night at the Point in Cardiff.
. 8th November uplands in Swansea
. 16th November Sub 29 in Cardiff
. 22nd November, Landsdowne pub in Cardiff
. 6th December, Burrough Arms in Barry
. 20th December back again to the Landsowne pub in Cardiff.



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