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The Fossil Collective

The Fossil Collective may be a new band to you but it's members have been playing together for some time as they were both previously part of nearly made it Vib Gyor. The band have a new EP "Let it Go" out in June and are touring the UK in support of the release including a date at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff on Wednesday 6th June supported by one of our favourite bands Paper Aeroplanes.

The cores of the Fossil Collective are David Fendick & Jonny who used to be in Vib Gyor. What made you decide to want to continue working together?

We've always enjoyed playing together as musicians; it was just that the music we were listening to wasn't reflecting the music that we were playing in the band.
Having a clean break gave us complete freedom to write without having that weight of expectation from our existing fans (although to be fair - we haven't yet met a Vib fan who hasn't seen FC as a natural progression - everyone has been very supportive)

Vib Gyor got pretty close to major success. What did you learn from the experience and has it made any differences as to how you approach the Fossil Collective?

We have definitely learnt a lot .... the most important thing being not to get drawn into the shallow craziness of the 'industry' and to always be honest to yourself .... above all, the song/melody is everything. Each year we've seen 'the latest buzz band' come and go as the fashion changes - but we have always strived to write timeless songs ......without any of the fancy packaging.

People aren't as fickle as the industry think they are. They are pretty smart.

How would you describe the music of Fossil Collective to someone who hasn't heard the band yet?

I'd like to think 'timeless and melodic' - but I'd let people make up their own minds ....we always write for ourselves and enjoy adding layers of harmony to the songs. We aren't afraid to add a touch of warmth to what we write.....

We don't really buy into the 'alternative folk' tag. I think that 'labelling' a bands sound is very lazy journalism to the point that if that was to happen to us then I'm sure we would deliberately try to pull away from that. I don't understand why people try and put bands into boxes.

Y our facebook states that the likes of Neil Young & Simon & Garfunkel have had an impact on your music, but more importantly the 'English song tradition'. In what way has this impacted on your music?

My parents played a lot of different music in the house when I grew up and fortunately I grew up appreciating people like Nick Drake & John Martyn. I had a good grounding for music growing up - in a way listening to the kinks, Beatles etc as a child was my musical education.

We've always had an ear for melody/harmony and have steered away from style over substance. It was the perfect upbringing. I was very lucky.

Although the core of the band is a duo you are augmented with other musicians when you play live. How do manage to involve these extra musicians and strike a balance between telling them what to play and leaving them free to use their own creative input

That's a good question - I think we have always been drawn to musicians who instinctively understand what and how to play - it's difficult to explain but you can normally tell within 5 minutes of playing with someone whether there is a connection or not- its like 'blind date' for musicians. Zane, our keyboard player has been playing with us for a long time now (he was in Vib Gyor) and with Antonio and Shaun we knew pretty much straight away that we would all get along fine. I always see Fossil Collective as a 5 piece and can't imagine the other guys not being around.

You are signed to Dirty Hit records who also release Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Why them and how do they differ from your previous experience of record companies?

Again, we met and then we just knew ... you learn to trust your instinct, and after talking to them we could tell they were the perfect label to work with us.
We always wanted to go to an independent label that believed in us and we truly believe we've found the right home for our music.

Tell us about your new EP "Let it go" which comes out in June.

It's a 5 track EP with 5 contrasting songs that we are all really happy about. It was difficult decision trying to decide which tracks we wanted on the EP & which songs we wanted to keep back for the album - but I feel it is an honest reflection of our work to date, and its a good feeling to finally get our 1st official release out on the label.

You play a UK tour including a date in Cardiff. What can we expect from the gig?

Its a full band show - which we are looking forward to as the last time we played in Cardiff we supported Benjamin Francis Leftwich as a 3 piece & it was a stripped back show - This time it will be a fuller sound with a few new songs thrown into the set.

You are being supported at the Cardiff gig by one of the top Welsh bands Paper Aeroplanes. Why did you select them?

I think it's always good to encourage and play with local bands and local talent, but Paper Aeroplanes are way past that stage. To be honest our booking agent suggested a few bands but we already knew of them and really liked their sound.

We are all looking forward to the Cardiff gig - it's a great place and the people are very friendly and supportive.

Finally what are your plans for the rest of the year once this tour has finished?

Well that changes on a week to week basis - but at the end of the day if we can get out and play to people that appreciate our music ..... be it 50 or 500 people ...... then we'll be 5 very happy guys ....after all, that is the reason we are doing this.

The Fossil Collective supported by the Paper Aeroplanes play Clwb Ifor Bach on Wednesday 6 th June. Tickets are available priced £6.00 from:



Let It Go EP (2012)



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