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Sion Russell Jones, Brigyn & Little Arrow at St John's Church, Canton, Cardiff on Saturday 10th November 7.30pm. Tickets available from:

Paper Aeroplanes

photo by Rosie Hardy

We first came across this band when they went under their former name of 'Halflight' and what struck us was the purity and beauty of their vocals, their musicianship and the quality of the songs. The band will be appearing at our forthcoming show at St John's Church in Canton, Cardiff on Saturday 20 th November so we thought it would be timely to conduct an interview with the band prior to the event.

Tell us a little about the history of Paper Aeroplanes and its members.

"Sarah and Rich met in a bunker in Llanfyrnach. They played in a rock band together for a while and argued about music in a transit van. Paper aeroplanes was formed 2 years ago. They now argue about music in a Citroen Xsara."

We recruit other musicians for live shows and recording - usually by bribery with Pizza.

You used to be called 'Halflight'. Why did you change your name and what prompted you to choose the name 'paper aeroplanes'?

You can only hang about in the halflight for so long before your eyesight begins to suffer. Paper Aeroplanes was the name of one of our songs - we thought it suited the music nicely - soaring, delicate, unpredictable.

What sort of music and artists have influenced the band?

Sarah: from Fleetwood Mac, Tori Amos and Chopin to Phoenix, Laura Marling and Bjork.

Rich: from Cat Stevens, Joan Armatrading and Simple Minds to Laura Veirs, M Ward and One Republic.

photo by Francis Brown

How have you found the process of being a band from Wales getting your music heard and taken seriously outside your hometown?

It certainly takes a while to build up a following in different cities and countries but we keep plugging away and are making new friends all the time.

Bob Harris is quite a fan of the band and earlier this year you did a session for his programme. How did he pick up on your music and what was it like doing the session at the beeb?

Initially, I think Tom Robinson recommended us to him after playing us on his 6 Music show. It was pretty mental playing in Bob's studio while he sat at his desk - we love all the old grey whistle test footage.

Tell us how you feel about the differences of playing live and recording in the studio.

Both can be pretty satisfying. We like both.

photo by Rosie Hardy

You are playing for newsoundwales at St John's Church, Canton, Cardiff in November. For those who haven't seen you live before what can they expect?

You can expect some accomplished but not virtuosic acoustic instrument playing, a stunning lead vocal, some nice harmonies, a cello, some scatty but endearing banter. 96% of all audience members leave with a warm feeling in their belly. The church will be a lush place for a show.

Have the band any recording plans at present?

We've just finished recording a 7 track mini album. Should be out early in the new year. It's a bit more intimate and low key than the debut album. Some nice songs we wanted to set free before starting on a new album.

What are Paper Aeroplanes plans for 2011?

We have some European and U.S. plans, promoting 'The Day We Ran Into The Sea'. And hope to be touring the UK to promote the new mini album.

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